The cedarsBest Team

Cedar's Best is a family owned business specializing in 100% all natural cedar oil. Cedar oil repels mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, fleas, biting flies, and many other insects. It's equally safe for your children and your pets. If you farm, it may save some of your favorite crops. We're looking forward to sharing our all natural solutions with you: canning, making wine, jerky, and especially protecting our loved ones and yours. Enjoy!

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

David "The Cedar Pro" Flook, CEO


I read an article in the newspaper about the growing problem of bed bugs in the United States and especially Ohio. I researched natural, non chemical bed bug repellents. Cedar oil kept coming up as an effective repellent. As I researched further I found that almost every insect known will be repelled by cedar oil. Ohio also has a mosquito and tick problem which can be remedied by cedar oil as well. The information inspired me to order and start testing on my own.

We have two large dogs (Labrador and Chesapeake) who love to run in our woods. Problem was...every time they did, they came home with several ticks crawling on them. I decided to spray each and then let then run again. The cedar oil did its job well and no ticks. We garden and are outdoor a lot so we sprayed ourselves with cedar oil and suddenly--no mosquito bites. It is amazing that the properties of cedar oil fend off insects so well.

We then made it our mission to share cedar oil with everyone as an alternative to chemical based repellent products. We started our company in January 2010 and have since enjoyed the testimonials of many satisfied cedarsBest customers. I retired from the United States Air Force in 2001 having served 30 years. cedarsBest has given me a new way to serve and protect. Currently, we have several exciting new products under development. 


Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Deborah "I Get It Done" Flook,  CMO

Our family has lived on our farm for two generations. I grew up struggling with countless reasons to seek protection from insects of all kinds. When David told me of his plan to work with cedar oil, I was thrilled, because everything loves to bite me, especially when I am working in the gardens, pulling weeds, or working in the woods.  As a mom and retired teacher, it was tough to see children bitten up by mosquitoes, chiggers, and other bugs.  There are so many chemical products out there that are questionable. I was elated to discover something that worked and smelled great.

David and I decided to take cedarsBest directly to people. Regardless of the weather, we went to Farmer's Market after Farmer's Market. Our lives have always been filled with hard work so sharing cedarsBest with families has been a blessing.  With Jeremy on board, we're getting approached by a lot of interesting people with bigger plans for cedarsBest. The great thing is that Jeremy understands our values so our family business may grow but it will grow with integrity. Only if we're using a cedarsBest product on our whole family will we offer it to yours.



Jeremy "The Invisible Consultant" Lamont 

I've worked to grow the cedarsBest brand because cedarsBest is about reclaiming America. Our system needs hard working Moms and Dads like Deborah and David to remain strong and healthy. Small businesses are our backbone. In 1961, when President Kennedy said, "...ask what YOU can do for your country" I believe he was giving us the greatest solution for our problems in 2014 and beyond.

Over the years I worked producing and consulting for U.S. Presidents, Fortune companies, celebrities and others...I sought out solutions that only helped my clients. Since then, I've learned that America is vulnerable. When each of us get behind America's small businesses and help them flourish, America flourishes. You probably love the same freedoms I do. Freedom of speech. Freedom of press. Freedom of religion.  I pray you agree with me that getting behind small businesses like cedarsBest keeps America thriving and protects us all.

We've been sold chemically created food, chemical solutions for every ache and pain....chemical insecticide sprays to put on our kids and pets--and our problems have increased. Natural solutions are emerging everywhere, mostly in the hands of small businesses. You have my commitment that I'll work to grow small businesses across America. I hope cedarsBest inspires your commitment to do the same. 


Rebeccas Smaller Headshot.jpg

Rebecca J. Lamont, Consultant

RJL is a spark. Where old excuses accumulate, she shows up with gasoline and instantly things start moving.  After finishing her business management degree, she decided to add a pilot's license. cedarsBest is grateful for her constant initiative, without which you might not be reading this website. In addition to being a business "fire" starter, Rebecca is the mother of 3 boys and keeps her focus firmly on our Lord by leading a Life Group with her husband each week.